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25 | January | 2022


The enlargement of the capacity and scope of the MyCompetence National Competence Assessment System in Bulgaria started

07 August 2018 11:20

Bulgarian Industrial Association - Union of the Bulgarian Business (BIA) has been working on a project to expand MyCompetence (https://en.MyCompetence.bg/) since the beginning of 2018. The system was established in 2009-2014 by BIA and is part of the measures and initiatives that the Bulgarian state takes in response to the serious challenges in terms of employment, education and human resources policies. 


Domino project in dual-track education

20 June 2016 10:10

The third forum for dual-track education was organised in spring 2016 within the Dual education for the modern requirements and needs of society project (Domino).


Regulation on conditions and procedures for the validation of vocational knowledge, skills and competences already in force in Bulgaria

23 March 2016 10:16

Validation of vocational knowledge, skills and competences aims at better access to vocational training and the labour market. Only qualification in professions and specialties included in the List of professions for vocational education and training can be validated. 


Action Plan for Implementation of the Bulgarian Strategy for Development of VET, 2015-2017, was adopted

23 March 2016 10:09

Quality assurance and effectiveness of VET was defined as a priority in the Action Plan. The measures under this priority include creation of opportunities for organizing dual training, broadening implementation of modular organization of vocational preparation aimed at improvement of access of persons above 16 years, including early school leavers. The main focus is on ensuring more active links between the VET system and the business sector and smooth transition from training to employment, as well as decreasing youth unemployment.


A fully functional web-based integrated information system for the vocational training providers in Bulgaria

26 October 2012 11:39

The National Agency for Vocational Education and Training (NAVET) manages an integrated information system (IIS) for data collection, storage, management and providing data and information for the demand and the offer of vocational training and guidance at local, regional and national level. The system is part of the e-government of the country.


Opportunities for youth training and realization in Bulgaria

29 September 2012 11:29

With regard to the implementation of the National Agreement “First Job”, signed by the government, the nationally represented workers’ and employees’ organizations and the nationally represented employers’ organizations in the Republic of Bulgaria in September 2012 there were launched schemes targeting unemployed young people up to the age of 29 and funded by the Operational Programme “Human Resources Development”. The implementation activities include either vocational training or training in key competences aiming at realization on the labour market.


A manual for validating vocational knowledge, skills and competences which have been acquired via informal and non-formal learning has been developed.

23 May 2012 11:35

The manual for validating knowledge, skills and competences which have been acquired through informal and non-formal learning is the first approach to the issue in Bulgaria. It has been developed in accordance with the current legislation and the regulated by the Vocational Education and Training Act requirements for acquiring professional qualification in a vocation or part of a vocation and with the European policies, principles and best practices.


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