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13 | June | 2021


The enlargement of the capacity and scope of the MyCompetence National Competence Assessment System in Bulgaria started

07 August 2018 11:20

Bulgarian Industrial Association - Union of the Bulgarian Business (BIA) has been working on a project to expand MyCompetence (https://en.MyCompetence.bg/) since the beginning of 2018. The system was established in 2009-2014 by BIA and is part of the measures and initiatives that the Bulgarian state takes in response to the serious challenges in terms of employment, education and human resources policies. The MyCompetence project has created infrastructure - sector and regional competence assessment units, content - competency profiles of positions in 20 sectors, as well as electronic tools for competence assessment and development. The system has more than 16,000 users who have passed over 19,000 tests to evaluate and self-assess and more than 5,000 e-trainings to develop managerial and social skills, emotional intelligence, specific professional skills, team potential and personality characteristics.

MyCompetence's resources were integrated over the last year in a special module "Personal Profile", for the needs of the Employment Agency, to create skills profiles of nearly 9,000 unemployed people, to whom were assigned nearly 6,000 development measures - questionnaires for self-assessment, personality typology, assessment of attitudes towards counter-productive behavior, as well as e-trainings and assessment tests by MyCompetence.

New sectoral skills councils were created in 5 economic sectors in 2018 - Construction, Energy, Mining, Cosmetics and Automotive. Experts from the sectors chose key positions in those sectors through the Delphi method, for which will be developed competence profiles. Current interface of MyCompetence.bg will be targeted to mobile users.

The changes in the requirements on the competence profiles of jobs in each of the 20 sectors, developed and validated in the period 2010-2015, have been analyzed in order to assess validity and accuracy.

A national catalog of competencies has been developed, which includes more than 900 competencies, distributed in 16 clusters and mapped in the Europass areas. The competency profile structure of a job has been updated to match national and European standards to the fullest extent possible so that it can be used for future integration with EURES and ESCO on knowledge, skills and competences.

Job competency profiles were updated and added with the help of an online component of MyCompetence, which ensures following of the new structure and control of the progress and quality of the information provided by the National Competence Assessment Center in a dialogue mode. A vocabulary of concepts in competence-based management, developed within the framework of the project, is also available.

The project for enlargement of the capacity and scope of the MyCompetence National Competence Assessment System in Bulgaria is expected to be completed at the end of 2019.


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