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13 | June | 2021


Opportunities for youth training and realization in Bulgaria

29 September 2012 11:29

With regard to the implementation of the National Agreement “First Job”, signed by the government, the nationally represented workers’ and employees’ organizations and the nationally represented employers’ organizations in the Republic of Bulgaria in September 2012 there were launched schemes targeting unemployed young people up to the age of 29 and funded by the Operational Programme “Human Resources Development”. The implementation activities include either vocational training or training in key competences aiming at realization on the labour market.

Through the scheme “First Job” the unemployed youth are given opportunities to improve their adaptability for employment through voucher financing for vocational training for acquiring first and second degree of professional qualification and key competences training according to the European qualifications framework. Upon training completion subsidized employment has been provided with an employer for a period of up to twelve months. The broad spectrum of accessible trainings will allow the inclusion of a wide scope of unemployed youth irrespective of education and qualification and will give them an opportunity for adequate preparation according to the needs of the business for the specific position.

The aim of the scheme “Support for Employment” is through stimuli for the business such as subsidized remuneration to invest in the knowledge and skills of the hired unemployed young people by providing key competences training needed for adaptation to the requirements of the new job. The trainings are in situ by a mentor in the approved programme for key competence 5 “Skills for Learning”.

Changes have been made in the implementation of the scheme “A New Beginning” the aim being to provide opportunities for internships with an employer under the supervision of a mentor to a greater number of young people. This will increase their competitiveness, will facilitate their transition from training to employment and will contribute to the accumulation of valuable initial vocational experience which is needed for their realization.
The implementation of the scheme “Development” continues in 2012. In it the unemployed young people up to the age of 29 are also a priority group. This scheme features vocational training and follow-up employment which is offered upon successful completion for a period of up to twelve months.

Investing in vocational training which is adequate to the employers’ needs and the development of the key skills together with the promotion of the employment realization of the young people is unequivocally an effective instrument for solving the economic and social problems currently and in the future.

Detailed information can be found on the Employment Agency webpage: www.az.government.bg

Author: Ana Dobreva