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13 | June | 2021


Action Plan for Implementation of the Bulgarian Strategy for Development of VET, 2015-2017, was adopted

23 March 2016 10:09

The Council of Ministers adopted Action Plan for 2015-2017 in implementation of the Strategy for Development of VET, 2015 – 2020. The Strategy was approved on 22 of October and a decision has been taken its operative execution to be based on two years action plans.

Quality assurance and effectiveness of VET was defined as a priority in the Action Plan. The measures under this priority include creation of opportunities for organizing dual training, broadening implementation of modular organization of vocational preparation aimed at improvement of access of persons above 16 years, including early school leavers. The main focus is on ensuring more active links between the VET system and the business sector and smooth transition from training to employment, as well as decreasing youth unemployment.

The Action Plan includes package of measures targeted at ensuring of prerequisites for training facilities modernization, improvement of attractiveness of VET, employability and competitiveness of graduates, decreasing the share of early school leavers.

Actions are planned for the development of the teachers’ and trainers’ qualification and career development system, as well as for attracting of young professionals to become teachers in VET. Providing of training to employees in companies acting as instructors in work-based learning is also envisaged.

The priority “Development of VET in LLL perspective” encompasses measures related to practical implementation of validation of vocational knowledge, skills and competences acquired through non-formal and informal learning and introduction of credits in VET.

The implementation of the Action Plan and achievement of the objectives defined is ensured by a set of particular measures defined under priority “Enhancing involvement and responsibilities of all stakeholders in ensuring specialists with qualification adequate to economic development needs”.

The Action Plan for 2015-2017 in implementation of the Strategy for Development of VET, 2015 – 2020 is available at: http://mon.bg/?go=page&pageId=74&subpageId=143